Hi, my name is Steven van Es. I am from Auckland, New Zealand. I’m eighteen years old and I have most recently finished school and now I am attending Gym­nasium Am Löhrtor for 2 weeks. My hobbies and interests are wood working, cooking, drawing and playing rugby with my friends.

I am here to explore the culture and have Christmas and new year with the friends I made from their trip to New Zealand. The school I went to but am no longer attending because I have finished was Long Bay College, the school was built near a beach so when you sit in some classes or when you are eating lunch you can see the beach. Our school system works very differently to Germany's but it interests me how well the students, school and teachers all work hard to meet each other halfway and this for me really stands out more than anything else, not that Long Bay's systems didn't work. I was very impressed with the school besides the fact that I was there for only two weeks it was all an experience that I won't forget for a long time, meeting few of the many different people who come to school every day and each person with their own knowledge and expanding it, I saw a lot more good than bad happening in this school and it was good to be here. I'm looking forward to see how the school has changed when I come for my next visit.